Societal geography

After queries to its search engine, for items it deems important, such as famous human beings like Leonardo da Vinci, or famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Google loves to emphasise the search item by creating a summary box on the right, next to the typical Google search results on the left. The links to a simple "Leonardo da Vinci" and "Statue of Liberty" Google search follow below, and you may notice the summary box on the right of the pages:

According to political geography, the branch of geography that deals with the boundaries, divisions, and possessions of countries, I live in the town of South Floral Park:

I live in the country called the United States of America:

Finally, the region or continent I live in is North America:

According to societal geography, I don't live where the US government has decided that I live, since that would not be very "democratic", and it isn't a very "legitimate" position either, if the government claims legitimacy because it represents its subjects or citizens as closely as possible. No, according to societal geography — where the individual is the main source of authority, and not the government which, at best, can only try to fully represent its individual subjects or citizens to the fullest extent possible — I live where, in effect, I have decided to live.

Believe it or not, but Google does understand societal geography already, and according to Google I live, more precisely, in the town or inhabited locality of Fifth World Community:

According to the same authority, I live in the country or inhabited area of Winnecomac (Winnecomaq in British or UMMOA English):

Finally, according to the same authority, I live in the (potential) region or inhabited continent of Global Earth Oceans:

As Giordano Bruno once stated, «Non è la materia che genera il pensiero, è il pensiero che genera la materia. » Translation: "It is not matter that generates thought; it is thought that generates matter."

By the way, most of the links above were provided to you courtesy of Google Earth, which should know a thing or two about geography, whether political or societal:
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